5 Simple Growth Hacking Techniques to Grow Your Business

A website is a crucial aspect of your business with almost every consumer visiting your website at some point. It is often the first touchpoint experienced by your audience, so it is vital that your business creates a successful first impression. Here are some things to consider when optimising your website:

Simple navigation

Navigation is key for a website and should be one of the main focuses when building a new website. If your site has confusing or disorganised navigation, your audience will leave your site as it is difficult to find what they are looking for. Instead, they will often go to a competitor’s site that offers a better user experience.

Mobile Optimization

Searching on our mobile phones is becoming more and more common, so it is important to ensure your website is optimised to look just as good on mobile as it does on your desktop computer. This may make your development processes longer but the benefits of optimising your website far outweigh the costs. In fact, 61% of people are unlikely to return to a mobile site they hand trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.


If you want your business to develop a substantial online presence, then you must create a website that can easily be found on search engines such as Google. This is achieved with the development of a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy that considers the search terms and keywords that your businesses and audience would likely search for.

Utilise CTAs

Our brains have already become accustomed to following visual cues to decide which content is important. Call to Action (CTA) cues allow the audience to stay on the site longer as they can be easily directed from one page to another. Additionally, placing your CTAs farther down the page allows the content at the top to be visible with most engagement occurring below the fold.

Keep your website up to date

If your audience notices that your page is not up to date, then your website and business lose credibility. It is vital that you consistently update your website by adding new content as well as removing any information that is no longer relevant.

It is crucial to remove obsolete information not just focusing on only adding additional content. This is because if the new and current information is buried, your visitor may never find it.

Easy to contact you

You should try to make it as easy as possible for visitors to contact you. This is done by placing your contact information in multiples places or on the footer on every page so it’s easy to find. Ideally, it should only be one click away. If it is too difficult or complicated, they may just not bother, and you will, therefore, lose them.

Another alternative is to include a live chat feature which enables your customers to have an immediate dialogue with your business