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Facebook Adverting Agency

We extend your reach to millions of prospective customers on the world’s most used social platform — Facebook.

Facebook has developed a sophisticated social media advertising platform that allows businesses to target their audience based on age, gender, relationship status, “liked” pages, general interests, and much more. These targeting features ensure your content is displayed to a highly targeted audience and is an essential strategy that we often pair with each of our Influencer Marketing programs to ensure maximum reach.

Why Facebook ADS Management Is Important

With over 2.6 billion active monthly members, Facebook is the biggest social community on the internet. A user spends around 20 to 40 minutes each day on the platform. As social media marketers, we aim to capture the attention of your target audience and persuade them to see the value in your offerings. Considering the vastness of Facebook's community, it's imperative to have a well-planned advertising strategy on this platform.
Moreover, Facebook has intentionally reduced the reach of "organic" social media content. As a result, many of your brand's followers may need to see the information you post on their newsfeeds. Therefore, you must allocate an advertising budget to spread your message to a larger yet hyper-targeted audience.

Our Facebook ADS Process

As a proficient digital marketing and Facebook advertising agency, we eliminate guesswork and commence every advertising campaign by precisely defining your target audience groups. These groups can be segmented on age, gender, relationship status, education level, career, general interests, or “Liked” pages.


Once we have identified and segmented the audience groups, we focus on creating messaging and a content strategy that will effectively resonate with them. Although it may sound simple, capturing and maintaining someone’s attention is challenging. Human attention span is shorter than a goldfish (6 seconds vs. 10 seconds), so crafting a message that keeps the target audience engaged is crucial.


To create a compelling message, we conduct in-depth research to understand the motivation of a particular audience group. Do they want to be entertained or like to be educated and informed? We also consider the tone of the message. Once we have identified the audience and created the ideal message, we ensure the target users are driven to conversion-friendly landing pages. With this crucial element, even the best marketing strategies will succeed.

The landing page for your Facebook or Instagram ads campaign should have consistent messaging and imagery and provide a logical next step. This could include filling out a form, making a phone call, downloading a piece of content, registering for an event, or joining the social media community..

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How we can help?

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