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What is product development?

Product development — also called new product management — is a series of steps that includes the conceptualization, design, development and marketing of newly created or newly rebranded goods or services. Product development includes a product’s entire journey — from the initial idea to after its market release.

The objective of product development from a business standpoint is to cultivate, maintain and increase a company’s market share by satisfying consumer demand. From a customer standpoint, it ensures value in the product as a quality good or service. Not every product will appeal to every customer or client base, so defining theĀ target marketĀ for a product is a critical step that must take place early in the product development process. Organizations should conduct quantitative market research at all phases of the design process, including before the product or service is conceived, while the product is being designed and after the product has been launched.

What development challenges do you need help with?

  1. Brainstorm alternatives to an early product concept
  2. Get a prototype concept ready to manufacture
  3. Update the design of an existing product
  4. Need technical experts fast to add to your design team
  5. Have an idea and need a design for manufacturing
  1. Need creative ideas for a product cost reduction
  2. Want a proof of concept model for user testing
  3. Need to test a specific product feature
  4. Exploring IoT wireless connectivity to the cloud
  5. Expand your design development team skills

Learn More About Product Development

The 95 Agency played an instrumental role in the product development and complete brand build-out for Hidden Secrets. Leveraging their expertise in marketing and branding, The 95 Agency developed an entire feminine hygiene line for Hidden Secrets that included a diverse range of products such as feminine hygiene wash, pantyliners, tampons, sanitary napkins, suppositories, and probiotics. The agency worked closely with Hidden Secrets to ensure every product met its specific needs and requirements. The result was a complete line of feminine hygiene products that met the highest standards of quality and effectiveness and had a cohesive and engaging brand identity. Thanks to the efforts of The 95 Agency, Hidden Secrets was able to successfully launch its new product line and establish itself as a trusted and respected player in the feminine hygiene market.

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The 95 Agency is a versatile product development agency that operates across all industries, helping businesses bring their ideas to life. We pride ourselves on being able to work on projects of any size and complexity, from developing a new line of beauty products to designing cutting-edge technology solutions. Our team of experts is always up for a challenge, and we relish the opportunity to take on new and exciting product opportunities. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success, The 95 Agency is dedicated to delivering high-quality, innovative products that meet the needs of our clients and exceed their expectations. Whatever your product development needs, we are confident that we have the skills and expertise to deliver results that will make your business stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.


The 95 Agency understands that every product development project is unique and that the initial investment required can vary greatly depending on various factors. The industry, the current state of the economy, and the specific variables of the product itself all play a significant role in determining the cost of product development. As a result, we cannot provide a one-size-fits-all estimate for the initial investment required for product development. Instead, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs, goals, and budget constraints and develop a customized plan tailored to their unique requirements. Our team of experts has extensive experience working across a wide range of industries. It can offer valuable insights and guidance to ensure our clients receive the most cost-effective and efficient product development services possible. Whether you are looking to develop a new product from scratch or improve an existing one, The 95 Agency is committed to delivering results that meet your needs and exceed your expectations while staying within your budget.

How we can help?

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