About Bronner Bros

The Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show, established in 1947 by Dr. Nathaniel H. Bronner, Sr. and his brother Arthur E. Bronner, Sr., is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious beauty trade shows, focusing on the multicultural beauty industry. It features hundreds of exhibitors, educational seminars, high-energy competitions, and networking opportunities, attracting thousands of professionals, students, and enthusiasts. The show is known for its significant cultural and economic impact, entertainment segments, and product launches, including those from Bronner Bros.’s hair care and beauty products. This premier event celebrates Black excellence and creativity while highlighting the latest beauty trends and innovations.

The Problem

The Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show faced significant challenges in 2023, particularly with low ticket sales and attendance at their New Orleans event. Marketing efforts and design strategies needed more comprehensive, contributing to the poor turnout. Their decision to return to Atlanta after a three-year hiatus, dubbed their “Homecoming,” added pressure to revive the event’s former glory. They needed assistance with branding and design for their product line, social media management, content creation, and overall creative direction. These issues underscored the urgent need for a comprehensive and cohesive approach to marketing and branding.

The Solution

To address these challenges, The 95 Agency was hired to revitalize the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show. We implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy, including targeted social media management, engaging content creation, and cohesive creative direction. Our team revamped the event’s branding and design, ensuring consistency across all platforms and promotional materials. We also enhanced the product line’s branding, creating visually appealing and marketable designs. Our efforts led to a significant increase in ticket sales and attendance, successfully reestablishing the show’s prominence, especially with its highly anticipated return to Atlanta. By providing expert guidance and innovative solutions, The 95 Agency played a crucial role in transforming the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show into a standout event, reconnecting with its audience, and setting a new standard for future shows.

The Relationship & Services Provided

The 95 Agency served as the full service marketing, branding and content agency for Bronner Bros. Bronner Bros was provided with the following: .

  • Web design & development
  • Brand management
  • Creative and art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Meta ads (Facebook/Instagram)
  • Social media management
  • Professional videography & photography
  • Graphic design
  • Email marketing

Additional services offered:

  • Brand collaboration
  • Influencer management & securement
  • Content management

The 95 Agency were responsible for:

  • key consulting for the company’s brand, product and overall business
  • single handedly constructing the development and design of the company’s. e-commerce website
  • designing and creating the brand’s identity

Branding Photography with Design

Homecoming Commercial

Bronner Bros Beauty Show Recap

Social Media Content

Beauty Show Design Collateral

Product Photography

Product Design Collateral

Educator Design Collateral

The 95 Agency was pivotal in creating educational marketing materials for over 100 beauty instructors and professionals in the Bronner Bros International Beauty Show. These materials included brochures, handouts, and digital content to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge. By covering various aspects of the beauty industry, from technical skills to business strategies, we ensured attendees gained actionable information to enhance their careers. The positive feedback from beauty instructors and professionals highlighted the quality and relevance of our resources, significantly improving their learning experience at the event.

In addition to the educational materials, The 95 Agency also filmed a commercial for Tiffani Nicole, the founder and CEO of Style Mobb University. This commercial effectively showcased her journey, expertise, and the innovative programs Style Mobb University offers. As a result, Tiffani Nicole’s visibility and brand recognition increased, leading to a notable rise in social media engagement and interest in her university. Our efforts promoted her brand and contributed to the overall success of the Bronner Bros International Beauty Show, demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional marketing solutions in the beauty industry.

Email Design & Marketing

The 95 Agency developed customized email templates for the Bronner Bros International Beauty Show, specifically designed for use with Mailchimp to enhance their email marketing efforts. These templates were crafted to be visually appealing and engaging while maintaining a professional tone suitable for the beauty industry. By incorporating eye-catching graphics, clear calls-to-action, and personalized content, the email templates effectively captured recipients’ attention and conveyed essential information about the event. Using these templates improved open and click-through rates, ultimately driving greater engagement and attendance at the show.

Brand Collaboration with High Musuem

The 95 Agency proudly announced its successful orchestration of a collaboration between the High Museum and Bronner Bros to host an exclusive event showcasing Sonya Clark’s exhibit to the Bronner Bros family and consumers. This unique opportunity highlighted a portion of Clark’s work, which drew inspiration from a past Bronner Bros show, creating a profound connection between art and beauty. The event aimed to celebrate this artistic synergy, offering attendees an intimate experience with Clark’s thought-provoking pieces while further solidifying the cultural impact of the Bronner Bros legacy in the beauty industry.

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