About Fin & Feathers

More than just a restaurant, Fin & Feathers Restaurants is an
experience – a place to kick back and meet up with friends. A
Vibe that started in the heart of, Atlanta, Edgewood area, we are a
foodie’s delight and a socialite’s playground. Operated under the
philosophy of owner Damon A. Johnson Sr., Fin & Feathers is a
much-loved staple of the culinary and nightlife scene. Our menu
boasts “Nu American Soul” flair and inventive cocktails served in a
vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere.

The Relationship & Services Provided

The 95 Agency served as the branding, marketing, and event specialist. Our agency provided the following initial services for this
start up restaurant and lounge

  • Brand development & management
  • Brand awareness (public relations)
  • Photography and videography
  • Social media management
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Event management and coordination
  • Reputation management

The 95 Agency were responsible for:

  • Created and managed a successful grand opening event
  • Daily social media marketing and marketing
  • ¬†Created a targeted branding and marketing strategy
  • UI & UX for custom and responsive restaurant website
  • Developed key promotional nights with major liquor brands
  • Created and maintained a successful Sunday brunch event
  • Created and maintained relationships with key community partners
  • Provided brand awareness that led to major media coverage
  • Submitted trademark to USPTO

The Problem

The 95 Agency stepped in to help Fin & Feathers overcome their branding, marketing, design, and content creation challenges. Here’s how they provided solutions:

Branding: The 95 Agency conducted a thorough analysis of
Fin & Feathers’ target market, competition, and unique
selling points. They worked closely with the restaurant’s
team to develop a compelling brand identity that
showcased their distinct qualities. This involved creating a
memorable logo, defining brand messaging, and establishing
consistent visual elements.

Design: Recognizing the importance of a cohesive visual
identity, The 95 Agency revamped Fin & Feathers’ design
elements. They created a visually appealing menu that
showcased the restaurant’s signature dishes and
incorporated the new brand elements consistently.
Additionally, they revamped the website, ensuring it was
user-friendly, visually captivating, and optimized for search

Marketing: The agency devised a comprehensive marketing
strategy for Fin & Feathers. They identified the most
effective channels to reach the target audience, such as
social media, local directories, and influencer partnerships.
The 95 Agency crafted compelling campaigns and tailored
messaging to highlight the restaurant’s unique offerings,
enticing potential customers to visit.

Content Creation: The 95 Agency recognized the power of
engaging content to attract and retain customers. They
developed a content strategy that included regular blog
posts, mouthwatering food photography, and interactive
social media campaigns. This content not only showcased
Fin & Feathers’ unique culinary creations but also engaged
with the audience, driving interest and building a loyal
customer base.

The Solution

As a startup restaurant, Fin & Feathers faced several challenges when it came to branding, marketing, design, and content creation. Some of the specific problems they may have faced in these areas include:

Branding: Fin & Feathers may have had difficulty developing
a brand identity that differentiated them from other
restaurants in the area. They may have struggled to create a
brand that resonated with their target audience and
accurately represented the unique aspects of their


Design: Developing a visual identity for the restaurant,
including a logo, menu, and website, can be challenging for a
new business. Fin & Feathers may have struggled to create a
design aesthetic that was both appealing and consistent
across different touchpoints.

Marketing: With limited resources, Fin & Feathers may have
had difficulty creating and executing a marketing plan that
effectively reached potential customers. They may have
struggled to identify the best channels to promote their
restaurant and to create compelling messaging that would
motivate people to visit.


Content Creation: Creating content that engages potential
customers and drives traffic to the restaurant can be
challenging. Fin & Feathers may have had difficulty creating
compelling social media posts, blog content, or other types
of content that would build awareness and interest in the

Exterior & Interior Photography

Food Photography

Reputation Management

Brand Awareness


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